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Certification reflects an advanced level of training, skills, work experience, and professional effectiveness.  Receiving your Certified Nutrition Manager (CNM) designation is the highest level of certification in the field of Nutrition Management and will increase your influence as a leading member of the nutrition industry.

For career growth and promotion opportunities, certification is your best next step.

  1. Achieve 4000 hours (about 2.5 years) paid full-time work experience and complete 16 Continuing Education (CE) points - 1 in each competency area with the remaining 8 from at least 4 competencies

  2. Complete the application for Certified Nutrition Managers available at the Canadian Council of Professional Certification (CCPC) website: http://www.ccpcglobal.com/certification/certified-nutrition-manager-cnm/

  3. Forward the completed application and fees to CCPC.

  4. Earn 16 CE points annually; include one in each area of competency and remaining 8 from at least 4 different competencies, using CSNM’s quizzes, seminars, workshops, webinars, webcasts, exhibits and food shows and volunteer opportunities.

  5. Provide proof of CE points to the CCPC annually.*

  6. Complete a Continuing Education Tracking Form, available when you login to your Online Profile.
Learn more about how to earn 16 CE points annually.

If you have any questions about the certification process, see our FAQs for answers or contact our Certification Portfolio Manager certification@csnm.ca

* CSNM has a partnership with CCPC which makes certification possible for our members. For additional details and information on the certification process visit:

Council of Professional Certification will perform periodic audits of Certified Nutrition Managers’ Annual Continuing Education.
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